Body Positivity

If only he understood…

She knew the eyes that met her which reminded her of where she belonged to.

She yearned for the love to be wreathed in where she could blossom.

Oh, she is left with memories of him wrenching her heart.

Immersing herself in the ocean of love, she believed in serendipity.

She was like a leaf that danced for the music of wind truly knowing the wind could make it fall down one day.

Her heart pondered a little, skipped a beat as he walked past her.

She stood there with her eyes gleaming with joy and love.

She has never felt so alive reckoning his scent.

She could remember his smell like as if it was a bottled fragrance.

She wanted to caress through his lips with her butter fingers, breathing his neck.

Under the scorching hot sun, she longed for his hot breath and warmth of hug.

As feelings rushed through her, she felt butterflies in the stomach.

Her mind was a battlefield choosing to lose to her hero.

She captured every glimpse of him through her eyes.

She knew how he walked with his hands tucked in pockets.

She remembered vividly of him tying his yellow and brown braided laces.

She was left with memories of him slitting through like a sharp knife.

She didn’t have an inkling of what was going on.

For she knows, she love him like he was the reason for her birth.
She couldn’t get over of him.

Her legs denied to move, eyes welled up, she stood there with tears rolling down her cheeks.

She wished he could know what he meant to her.

She believed in miracles and hoped for one to happen soon!

Body Positivity

Women are not Superheroes

She is a superwoman, she is a juggler, she is a flower bestowed with femininity, she is fire vested with grit, she is everything that beautifies!

She is a mother, sister, daughter, wife, aunt, teacher, care taker and what not?

Multitasking is an ability to do various tasks at single point of time. Our brains play a major role in multitasking. It is directly linked with productivity as some believe multitasking improves productivity while the rest disagree with it. There is always a wide debate around it as multitasking can possibly reduce the focus on one particular task.

It is widely believed that women are multitaskers. While it is perceived as praise for women, it is a label to dump more work on women. Various studies have shown results that says women are no different from men when it comes to multitasking. Media being a powerful weapon has propagated the idea of women being better at multitasking. It is a conscious effort to put the pressure conveniently on women to juggle between various tasks and responsibilities. It is seen as an excuse to expect women to handle various works.

Glorifying women for doing chores is a mental conditioning. Society puts the pressure on women to live up to the expectations as perfect woman. Women are denied resting intervals under various circumstances as they are expected to work round the clock without complaining. Various works done by women are often unnoticed, unpaid and unaccounted. Gender based roles are changing largely but women are still expected to do ‘extra work’- do it all and fulfil the unending family needs. 

Multitasking has taken a toll on women’s mental health. They are often pushed to do the work and are made to feel guilty if they are unable to handle it all. It is mere stereotyping that makes us believe that women are good at multitasking. There is little/no data available to support claims of women being better multitaskers than men.

No human being is born with superpowers. It is continued efforts, prioritising, planning and switching between tasks that make a person good at multitasking. It is a talent which can be acquired by any human being. Government and organizations should create policies where gender equality can thrive. Let’s stop praising women as born multitaskers. Bust the myth that women are superheroes and are good at multitasking.

Body Positivity

The era of Influencer Marketing

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Social Media being a powerful marketing channel has helped brands to position themselves. With raising competition it has become a challenge for companies to grab the attention of their audience. Influencer Marketing comes to rescue for companies to reach their ideal audience. Brands can no longer ignore the power of influencers who directly create an impact on buying decisions of potential customers.

Brands are set to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022 as per Business Insider Intelligence estimates. Companies like Amazon have realized the potency of influential marketing and has devised programs like Amazon Influencer Program which encourages qualified influencers to recommend products on Amazon to their followers.

Instagram shines out for influencer marketing as compared to other social media platforms. Instagram influencers create brand awareness through their content which persuades the buyer. While companies need to be clear on following aspects before choosing the right influencer:

  1. Goal
  2. Choose the right campaign
  3. Budget
  4. Identify Audience
  5. Find right Influencer
  6. Engage
  7. Listen and Monitor Competitors
  8. Analyze Results.

Social media platforms are inundated with influencers making it difficult for the companies to rope in the right influencer for engagement. To stand out as an Influencer, one must focus on content, relevancy, engagement, trust and most importantly authenticity. Having a million number of followers who are not relevant for your content can leave you behind.

Brands have started leveraging the influencers to stay connected with their audience. It is crucial for brands to stay relevant and consistent while collaborating with influencers. Though some brands put out right messages with reverence, some miss out being reverent and relevant. Milking in the popularity of celebrity influencers can help brands to create awareness but being righteous especially with sensitive issues becomes vital.

Here are few Instagram influencers or bloggers whom I enjoy following for their content and creativity.

Misspinkshoes for amazing fashion sense, being consistent and creative.

Hebbar’s Kitchen is a savior with short cooking recipe videos.

Vithya Visvendra, an impeccable makeup artist who never seizes to amaze her followers. She also gives shout outs for her colleagues and friends on a regular basis.

Diet sabya for never failing to call out gandi copies and fake ‘ínfluenza’.

Srishti Dixit Who doesn’t love her wit?

Recent favorites include The Work Wife and Kool Kanya who are rightly using the platform to create a community for women. Be it career advice, work life balance, finance – they cover it all.

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If you are an influencer, act with conscience and do not fake it. Unlike traditional marketing, this works on trust. Never try to advocate for a product or brand which you would never use.

In this era of influencer marketing, brands can create goodwill and face backlashes easily. Leveraging the right influencer can help the brands build trust. Word-of-mouth marketing can never become outdated.There is no great influencer than a customer!

Body Positivity

Mental Health

With all of it going around us… Most of us have felt a void feeling and have a lump in the throat. While we sit down to understand, we do not really know what it is all about.

We are talking about mental health and there are numerous posts on social media where people are seen quoting ‘I am there whenever you need.’ Little did these people realize, it doesn’t work that way. I would not dare to call someone for venting out with whom I have lost touch. I would be comfortable sharing with a close one who will ear me out with zero judgment.
All these make a very clear point that people do not understand anything about mental health. People do not understand that Panic attacks can be very sudden and anxiety does not arise only for bigger problems.

Always be empathetic. Spreading positivity is another thing while you need to empathize with others. Your plate and their plate are not one and the same. What is not stressful for you could be most stressful for another. Never compare your level of handling stress with another person’s way of coping with it.

We all have grown up under different circumstances, come from a different background and our upbringing is totally different. These things contribute to a person’s mental health. A child brought up in a family where domestic violence was prevalent will always have dreadful fear. There is no way to measure and compare people’s way of handling stress or a problem.

Not to forget that most Indians cannot afford to pay for a therapist while they suffer to afford three meals in a day. As human beings, we can be more empathetic and be less ignorant.
Take time to check on people who are important to you. Do not wait for them to check on you. On duller days, take a break and vent out to someone you trust. Do not make that pain overpower you.

Remember there were days when you had almost given up but you did pass through it. You will sail through this as well.
You may or may not need support. But, there is always someone who needs support. Be supportive and spare time to check on people who need your support the most.

You never know, you could be a candle for their darkness!

Body Positivity

Birthday Blues: Cake cutting, Presents and Celebrations!

As children we have all waited for the D-day of the year- our Birthday! I remember how my eyes had always hunted for my birthday on the new calendar that we used to get during the year end. For anyone, birthday is a special day of the year. We see it is as joyous milestone which needs to be celebrated. But, did we just put ourselves under pressure to celebrate it?

I do not disagree that birthdays are meant for celebrations. We must also understand that it is completely ok to not celebrate it like the best day of the year. Not everyone has the luxury to celebrate. Remember there are kids who do not know their birthdays.

Cake cutting or blowing off the candle or unwrapping the presents are all rituals created by someone who celebrated it that way. These are expectations and check lists created by the society. There is no universal law that birthdays are meant to be celebrated that way.

Do not be disappointed if you do not get a chance to celebrate it like others. A simple wish from your close one is enough to brighten up your day. Don’t fall prey for the expectations laid down by the society. Make the day however you want it to be. You are under no pressure to make it the best day of the year. Remember you do not change as a person if you don’t get to celebrate birthday as you had wished.

Small, big or no celebration at all, it is still your birthday! It is ok if you don’t have ‘insta’ worthy birthday celebration pictures to be posted. You do not need to have the best time of your life or carouse with friends and relish in fine dine restaurant. You just gotta have your own back.

Body Positivity

Beauty Standards 

The whole nation is proud of Manushi Chillar, Miss World 2K17. Every Indian is basking her success. But, I would be lying if I said this didn’t make me think about Beauty Contests. The first question that cropped up in my mind was ‘WHY ARE THERE STILL BEAUTY PAGEANTS?’ It is sick to judge beauty based on a standard which is way too Eurocentric. How can you judge beauty when it doesn’t have a single form?

Oh wait, beauty contests have QnA round. So it is all about ‘Beauty with purpose/brain’. If you believe so, why is there not a plus size woman or a short woman? The truth is that these beauty contests are trying to put us inside a box in the name of beauty standards. They are setting a very bad example for the future generations.

Teen girls fall prey to this. They consider Miss World/Miss Universe as their role models and follow their foot steps blindly. The irony is that those women who were once crowned as Miss World or Miss Universe are not even flaunting their natural body or looks. Be it Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra or Sushmita Sen all of them went under the knife to enhance their beauty. So what is the point in crowing them if they can’t even flaunt their natural body or looks with ease and confidence. If you think these women are the real Miss world you are absolutely wrong.

The real Miss World is a ‘woman with a broad smile on her face’, ‘a woman who juggles between her personal life and work life’, ‘a woman who flaunts her body naturally with at most confidence and ease’. Those women are the real Miss World.

Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Let us create our own definition of beauty. Beauty is not about what others think about you. Everyone of us are beautiful and we must believe that. We are all beauty queens without tiaras!  Let us create a beautiful world by spreading positivity and love.. Celebrate beauty everyday and in all the forms.