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The era of Influencer Marketing

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Social Media being a powerful marketing channel has helped brands to position themselves. With raising competition it has become a challenge for companies to grab the attention of their audience. Influencer Marketing comes to rescue for companies to reach their ideal audience. Brands can no longer ignore the power of influencers who directly create an impact on buying decisions of potential customers.

Brands are set to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022 as per Business Insider Intelligence estimates. Companies like Amazon have realized the potency of influential marketing and has devised programs like Amazon Influencer Program which encourages qualified influencers to recommend products on Amazon to their followers.

Instagram shines out for influencer marketing as compared to other social media platforms. Instagram influencers create brand awareness through their content which persuades the buyer. While companies need to be clear on following aspects before choosing the right influencer:

  1. Goal
  2. Choose the right campaign
  3. Budget
  4. Identify Audience
  5. Find right Influencer
  6. Engage
  7. Listen and Monitor Competitors
  8. Analyze Results.

Social media platforms are inundated with influencers making it difficult for the companies to rope in the right influencer for engagement. To stand out as an Influencer, one must focus on content, relevancy, engagement, trust and most importantly authenticity. Having a million number of followers who are not relevant for your content can leave you behind.

Brands have started leveraging the influencers to stay connected with their audience. It is crucial for brands to stay relevant and consistent while collaborating with influencers. Though some brands put out right messages with reverence, some miss out being reverent and relevant. Milking in the popularity of celebrity influencers can help brands to create awareness but being righteous especially with sensitive issues becomes vital.

Here are few Instagram influencers or bloggers whom I enjoy following for their content and creativity.

Misspinkshoes for amazing fashion sense, being consistent and creative.

Hebbar’s Kitchen is a savior with short cooking recipe videos.

Vithya Visvendra, an impeccable makeup artist who never seizes to amaze her followers. She also gives shout outs for her colleagues and friends on a regular basis.

Diet sabya for never failing to call out gandi copies and fake ‘Ă­nfluenza’.

Srishti Dixit Who doesn’t love her wit?

Recent favorites include The Work Wife and Kool Kanya who are rightly using the platform to create a community for women. Be it career advice, work life balance, finance – they cover it all.

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If you are an influencer, act with conscience and do not fake it. Unlike traditional marketing, this works on trust. Never try to advocate for a product or brand which you would never use.

In this era of influencer marketing, brands can create goodwill and face backlashes easily. Leveraging the right influencer can help the brands build trust. Word-of-mouth marketing can never become outdated.There is no great influencer than a customer!

By Confused Social Butterfly

Here is a confused social butterfly to share opinions and brooding thoughts through words. I enjoy writing topics that interests me.

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