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Women are not Superheroes

She is a superwoman, she is a juggler, she is a flower bestowed with femininity, she is fire vested with grit, she is everything that beautifies!

She is a mother, sister, daughter, wife, aunt, teacher, care taker and what not?

Multitasking is an ability to do various tasks at single point of time. Our brains play a major role in multitasking. It is directly linked with productivity as some believe multitasking improves productivity while the rest disagree with it. There is always a wide debate around it as multitasking can possibly reduce the focus on one particular task.

It is widely believed that women are multitaskers. While it is perceived as praise for women, it is a label to dump more work on women. Various studies have shown results that says women are no different from men when it comes to multitasking. Media being a powerful weapon has propagated the idea of women being better at multitasking. It is a conscious effort to put the pressure conveniently on women to juggle between various tasks and responsibilities. It is seen as an excuse to expect women to handle various works.

Glorifying women for doing chores is a mental conditioning. Society puts the pressure on women to live up to the expectations as perfect woman. Women are denied resting intervals under various circumstances as they are expected to work round the clock without complaining. Various works done by women are often unnoticed, unpaid and unaccounted. Gender based roles are changing largely but women are still expected to do ‘extra work’- do it all and fulfil the unending family needs. 

Multitasking has taken a toll on women’s mental health. They are often pushed to do the work and are made to feel guilty if they are unable to handle it all. It is mere stereotyping that makes us believe that women are good at multitasking. There is little/no data available to support claims of women being better multitaskers than men.

No human being is born with superpowers. It is continued efforts, prioritising, planning and switching between tasks that make a person good at multitasking. It is a talent which can be acquired by any human being. Government and organizations should create policies where gender equality can thrive. Let’s stop praising women as born multitaskers. Bust the myth that women are superheroes and are good at multitasking.