Body Positivity

If only he understood…

She knew the eyes that met her which reminded her of where she belonged to.

She yearned for the love to be wreathed in where she could blossom.

Oh, she is left with memories of him wrenching her heart.

Immersing herself in the ocean of love, she believed in serendipity.

She was like a leaf that danced for the music of wind truly knowing the wind could make it fall down one day.

Her heart pondered a little, skipped a beat as he walked past her.

She stood there with her eyes gleaming with joy and love.

She has never felt so alive reckoning his scent.

She could remember his smell like as if it was a bottled fragrance.

She wanted to caress through his lips with her butter fingers, breathing his neck.

Under the scorching hot sun, she longed for his hot breath and warmth of hug.

As feelings rushed through her, she felt butterflies in the stomach.

Her mind was a battlefield choosing to lose to her hero.

She captured every glimpse of him through her eyes.

She knew how he walked with his hands tucked in pockets.

She remembered vividly of him tying his yellow and brown braided laces.

She was left with memories of him slitting through like a sharp knife.

She didn’t have an inkling of what was going on.

For she knows, she love him like he was the reason for her birth.
She couldn’t get over of him.

Her legs denied to move, eyes welled up, she stood there with tears rolling down her cheeks.

She wished he could know what he meant to her.

She believed in miracles and hoped for one to happen soon!