Body Positivity

Mental Health

With all of it going around us… Most of us have felt a void feeling and have a lump in the throat. While we sit down to understand, we do not really know what it is all about.

We are talking about mental health and there are numerous posts on social media where people are seen quoting ‘I am there whenever you need.’ Little did these people realize, it doesn’t work that way. I would not dare to call someone for venting out with whom I have lost touch. I would be comfortable sharing with a close one who will ear me out with zero judgment.
All these make a very clear point that people do not understand anything about mental health. People do not understand that Panic attacks can be very sudden and anxiety does not arise only for bigger problems.

Always be empathetic. Spreading positivity is another thing while you need to empathize with others. Your plate and their plate are not one and the same. What is not stressful for you could be most stressful for another. Never compare your level of handling stress with another person’s way of coping with it.

We all have grown up under different circumstances, come from a different background and our upbringing is totally different. These things contribute to a person’s mental health. A child brought up in a family where domestic violence was prevalent will always have dreadful fear. There is no way to measure and compare people’s way of handling stress or a problem.

Not to forget that most Indians cannot afford to pay for a therapist while they suffer to afford three meals in a day. As human beings, we can be more empathetic and be less ignorant.
Take time to check on people who are important to you. Do not wait for them to check on you. On duller days, take a break and vent out to someone you trust. Do not make that pain overpower you.

Remember there were days when you had almost given up but you did pass through it. You will sail through this as well.
You may or may not need support. But, there is always someone who needs support. Be supportive and spare time to check on people who need your support the most.

You never know, you could be a candle for their darkness!