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Birthday Blues: Cake cutting, Presents and Celebrations!

As children we have all waited for the D-day of the year- our Birthday! I remember how my eyes had always hunted for my birthday on the new calendar that we used to get during the year end. For anyone, birthday is a special day of the year. We see it is as joyous milestone which needs to be celebrated. But, did we just put ourselves under pressure to celebrate it?

I do not disagree that birthdays are meant for celebrations. We must also understand that it is completely ok to not celebrate it like the best day of the year. Not everyone has the luxury to celebrate. Remember there are kids who do not know their birthdays.

Cake cutting or blowing off the candle or unwrapping the presents are all rituals created by someone who celebrated it that way. These are expectations and check lists created by the society. There is no universal law that birthdays are meant to be celebrated that way.

Do not be disappointed if you do not get a chance to celebrate it like others. A simple wish from your close one is enough to brighten up your day. Don’t fall prey for the expectations laid down by the society. Make the day however you want it to be. You are under no pressure to make it the best day of the year. Remember you do not change as a person if you don’t get to celebrate birthday as you had wished.

Small, big or no celebration at all, it is still your birthday! It is ok if you don’t have ‘insta’ worthy birthday celebration pictures to be posted. You do not need to have the best time of your life or carouse with friends and relish in fine dine restaurant. You just gotta have your own back.

By Confused Social Butterfly

Here is a confused social butterfly to share opinions and brooding thoughts through words. I enjoy writing topics that interests me.

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